About US

Nostalgic for the superb taste of the Pho he’d experienced many years ago when he travelled to Vietnam, and shocked by the lack of genuine Vietnamese cuisine in Britain, Daniel Sung decided the only thing to do – to ensure a regular supply of his favourite food and share his passion with fellow Pho fanatics – was to open up a restaurant of his own.

But first, Daniel set off once again to visit the street food stalls of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), where he learned to make authentic Vietnamese Pho from the folks who really know how.

And so it was that one man’s passion to share delicious Pho with others inspired the opening of “My Pho”, the Vietnamese street food restaurant where Daniel Sung cooks and serves the most authentic Vietnamese Pho this side of the Mekong Delta.

Using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients where possible, Daniel prepares meat, vegetables, noodles, herbs and spices to create this rich, nutritious noodle soup and its accompanying side dishes including fresh green herbs, tangy pickles and exotic sauces.

Come to “My Pho” and enjoy the taste of genuine Pho and other traditional Vietnamese dishes – as made in Vietnam (and now on Merseyside 🙂 )