How to eat Pho?
Facing your first Pho can be a daunting experience – what do you do with all the added extras?Relax. First of all, before you even think of adding anything, take a couple of slurps to savour the unadulterated flavour of the broth (if you’ve never used chopsticks before, feel free to use the spoon for this). 

The “basic” broth can take anything from 5 to 10 hours to make – and literally generations to perfect. Purists will tell you the ideal Pho doesn’t need any additional seasoning, but for most Pho fanatics the essence of the Pho experience is taking the already unique and subtle blend of flavours to another level by adding the other ingredients to suit your individual taste.


Here’s our rough guide to the herbs and traditional sauces:

Pho hancer final

  • Fresh chilli and chilli sauce for those who like it hot and spicy
  • Lemon and herbs for added zest
  • Hoisin sauce for sweetness
  • Satay for yet more heat and a nutty flavour
  • And fish sauce as a tasty alternative to salt


Go ahead, experiment. Use your imagination, and enjoy the unforgettable taste of Pho!